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Zoom #tbt oh season four…

#tbt oh season four…

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how can i be ready for future when i’m not even ready to get up in the morning

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Zoom porschepink:

We’re men. #drag #nyc #fantasy @thorgythor @biancadelrioneworleans


We’re men. #drag #nyc #fantasy @thorgythor @biancadelrioneworleans

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Frienemies: Porsche Pink & Milk.
Photos by mouseboneslovesdrag

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Describe your ultimate pizza.

Asked by Anonymous

Crust: thin, but not too thin. Slightly golden, but still able to be folded. Cheese: extra. Enough that when it falls off into the box there’s enough for me to eat it without ruining the slice. Just enough spice in it’s lightly sauced crust. Toppings, oh, toppings. Just some pepperoni, if anything at all. The perfect pizza does not require toppings, they are simply a dessert to the meal itself.

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Zoom I have so many pictures, you guys.

I have so many pictures, you guys.

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Bored send me questions / whatever


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Milk & Pie
Credit mouseboneslovesdrag & myself.
Featuring Porsche Pink & Nikita

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"You are not broken.  You do not need to be fixed."

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Wtf do I do when some combination of Phi Phi / Detox / Milk make it on AllStars 2? This is serious.

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